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SMART Radon Detector


The RD200 has 20 times higher sensitivity than other handy radon detectors.

Due to the RD200’s dual structured pulsed-ionization chamber system and highly accurate detection circuit; designed by FTLab’s Radon levels can for the first time relay reliable data on the go. 


'Radon Eye' RD200

How to Start

  1. Close all windows and doors within the vicinity for an accurate measurement.

  2. Connect the 12V adapter to the Radon Eye; it will automatically start once connected.  Place the Radon Eye on a table or counter top.

  3. A measured value is displayed every 10 min.  A measurements period of 1 hour is advised for an accurate result.  With other economic models like the C or P device, it will approximately take 24 – 48 hours to approach a valid reading.

  4. When the measured value is greater than the 4 pCi/l (148 Bq/m3) safety threshold, an alarm will sound.  Open the window for a ventilation period longer than 10 minutes.

  5. You can use the Smartphone App to manage data and setting.  Please refer to the Smartphone App Guide.

  6. Indoor radon level generally increases during dawn hours.  Radon levels are highest during the winter season.



  • Type : pulsed ion chamber 200cc
  • First reliable data out : < 60min
  • Data interval : 10min update (60min moving average)
  • Sensitivity : 0.5cpm/pCi/l at 10pCi/l (30cph/pCi/l)
  • Operating range : 10~40℃, RH < 90%
  • Range : 0.1 ~ 99.99 pCi/l
  • Precision : < 10% at 10pCi/l
  • Accuracy : < ±10% (min. error <±0.5pCi/l )
  • Power : DC 12 ± 0.1V, 65mA (12V DC adapter)
  • Size : RD200 : Φ80(mm) x 120(mm), 240g
  • Data communication : Bluetooth LE (Android/iOS)
  • Data log : max 1year (1h step)
  • Display : 0.96 inch OLED


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